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The first and biggest dealer of generators, with a diverse range ofhigh-end machines to deliver a quality of service.

Jarjour Rental Machinery, offers you to Hire and Rent Generators for a short or long term with the best competitive prices in the market, where weguarantee a healthy and smooth operation to cover all your power needs, until your project is successfully accomplished.


Gasoline Generators

Among all options, Gasoline Generators are still the most common, primarily because gasoline is readily available and these generators are on the low-end of the cost scale. Gasoline Generators are available in small sizes, ideal for portable models, but the fuel is highlyflammable. Gasoline lasts less than one year when stored, and gas prices are comparatively higher than diesel, propane, and natural gas. 

Gasoline Generators produce relatively high emissions, do not typically last as long as some other models, and do not tend to start well in colder temperatures.

Diesel Fuel Generators

Diesel is the least flammable of all the fuel sources, and is almost as readily available as gasoline. These engines have long lifespans, and perform more efficiently while lasting longer under heavy and rigorous use, as long as properly maintained. Diesel Generatorsare affordable to operate, and start relatively easily in cold environments. However, diesel fuel is only good up to 24 months in storage, and storing large quantities can be expensive.

Due to environmental concerns and the fact diesel engine emissions are quite high, some areas limit the number of hours these engines can be operated daily.

Diesel Generators are heavy engines require regular maintenance by a qualified mechanic.

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